The Sewing Weekender 2018

The Sewing Weekender is exactly what you imagine, a weekend full of sewing. But it offers even more and I've come home energised and even more excited about sewing!! The Sewing Weekender is organised by Kate & Rachel from 'The Foldline' and Charlotte from 'English Girl at Home'. The weekend is held at the Murray… Continue reading The Sewing Weekender 2018


Vlog #3

I've just recorded a vlog and uploaded it to YouTube. I'm speaking about my recent makes, which do have a slight 'children TV presenter' vibe to them but nonetheless they brighten a gloomy day. And also I've shown my new fabric purchases which seem to be very plain!! Please follow this link to watch.


What’s better? Tracing or Cutting patterns.

The sewing community seems to be split on tracing out patterns or cutting into your patterns. I admit, once upon a time I was all for #teamcut however as my independent pattern collection has grown, I've moved over to #teamtrace on a few occasions. I'm going to give the pros and cons of each camp:… Continue reading What’s better? Tracing or Cutting patterns.

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Sew Your Style 2018 Competition.

Whilst I was searching the events listing at the NEC I found the Sew Your Style 2018 Competition ran by The Pattern Pages sewing magazine. They had 4 categories: Vintage Refashion All in the detail Accessories I feel that my handmade wardrobe is modern with a slight vintage twist. This may come about because of… Continue reading Sew Your Style 2018 Competition.