How I got on with #2018makenine

Last year I was very excited to make plans for 2018 and I joined in with the #2018makenine. I choose 9 patterns that I was hoping to make, but I admit now. Halfway through the year I fell off the bandwagon…..

    Erin Skirt: A denim skirt is a wardrobe staple and when I saw the Sew Over Erin skirt it seemed to be a pattern I know that I would wear over and over. I made it using some medium weight denim which does pull a little at the Buttons. I love the deep pockets. A win in my book!

    Lola Coat: I have always wanted to make a coat and the Lola coat seemed a great introduction. No difficult fitting issues, a nice loose fit that can be pulled in with a belt. This fabric was from Birmingham rag market and I’ve recently seen it online x3 times the prices!! Win win!!

    Heather dress: The Sew Over It Heather dress is a comfortable work dress with the most functional pockets I have on any outfit!! It is slightly narrow on the shoulders and it’s shrunk a little in the wash so I’ve not have much wear this winter.

    Ogden cami: How has I not made this pattern before 2018 I do not know!!! I love it!! It fits right into my wardrobe, and I’ve even hacked it into a dress. I can probably make one up in u see an hour now. I love love love this pattern!! (Have I told you how much I like this pattern?)

    Henrietta swimsuit: When I put this pattern on my make nine I really didn’t think I would actually make it. Sewing swimwear just seems so scary. But it really isn’t. I love the open cross back detail.

    Eve dress: The Eve dress is a perfect summer dress and I’m actually missing it this winter. I love the shape that a wrap dress has, nipping you in at the waist. I call this my going away dress as I wore it on my last day of my old work.

My substitutions

  • GBSB jumpsuit ➡️ TATB Marigold jumpsuit I substituted the GBSB jumpsuit for the Marigold jumpsuit after I was asked to review this for a SewEssential blog post. I still need to lower the bust darts slightly, but overall it’s a great outfit.
  • I didn’t realise the Sew Over It Rosie dress has a boned bodice. It complexity put me off the pattern as I just won’t feel comfortable wearing that. Instead I made the Doris dress for the Material Girl Laura blog.
  • I’ve yet to decide on my #2019makenine I’ve actually enjoyed reusing patterns and having multiples. But 2018 has been an adventure and I’ve finally been able to tick off some firsts.

    Adelle xx

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