My New YouTube Channel

I admit that I’m quite a chatterbox and since beginning my Instagram account @button_and_pip and my blog I have loved talking to more and more people about my favourite hobby.

I recently did a short video on IGTV talking about the patterns I received as a prize from the Sew Your Style competition. Pressing record and looking back at myself talking to a camera was very nerve racking. But the lovely comments I have received about this video was just overwhelming. It made me want to do it again.

I recently attended The Sewing Weekender and I was talking to a friend about my adventures and she commented how I was on a high! So I came home and thought why not share all I have to say with everyone. It would also give me a chance to show the patterns and fabrics that I picked up in a better way. I love watching sewing vlogs to see how the fabric moves.

When you first press record you feel very self conscious but soon enough the buzz you get from talking about patterns and fabric calms the nerves.

Here is a link to my YouTube channel, and my first vlog.


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