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Tilly and the Buttons – Bettine dress

The Bettine is a great beginner dress pattern, however I came to it a little later. I made my first from floral viscose fabric which has been a great dress for there hot summer days. I always wanted to copy the denim version that’s on the pattern packet for a casual dress.

The Supplies:

When I first saw this Robert Kaufman denim I just thought it was a lightweight denim, but looking closer it got me excited! Neon pink and green thread run through the fabric and peek out. It made the denim really interesting to look at and I knew straight away what I wanted to make from it. My local shop quickly sold out of the light blue colourway, so when I saw some available online at Sew Me Sunshine I thought I should grab it quickly before that goes too.

The Pattern:

As I mentioned before the Bettine dress is a great beginner pattern. It has two versions, with our without pockets. It has no fastenings so it’s easy to get on and off. The bodice has a stopped neckline and kimono sleeves, so no tricky sleeve insertion. There is an elasticated waist which goes into a tulip shape skirt.

I am between sizes 4 and 5, favouring a size 4 with Tilly’s jersey patterns. Because the Bettine is made from woven fabrics I went for a size 5 as I like the relaxed slouchy bodice and with a tulip skirt I didn’t want to feel too restricted.

The Sew:

Tilly and the Buttons instructions are great for a beginner sewer. Clear simple steps all accompanied with bright clear photos. There are tips along the way to help you get that great professional neat finish.

Making the pocket version is slightly trickier and it’s very important to add in all the notches as it does get a little confusing. Pressing the pockets too is an important step to get them to sit flat.

Another important step not to miss is to stay stitch the neckline. The neckline is wide and so it’s very easily stretched out of shape. Also when doing to top stitching I took is slowly so that it didn’t pucker.

The Finished Dress:

I do love this Bettine dress. It’s worked out exactly how I imagined and it’s just going to fit right into my summer wardrobe. I think I might even be able to team it with tights during the winter.

The loose bodice makes it comfortable on hot days and the lightweight denim is breathable in the sticky weather.

My favourite feature has to be the deep pockets!! Pockets on a dress are a win, but deep pockets that you can really use is a double win!! I also just have to wear my Pink Coat Club ‘It has Pockets’ pin whenever I wear it!

Im ready for summer in my Bettine dress and I’m already thinking of making some autumn/winter versions

Adelle x

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