Sewnotts Meet Up April 18

I have always loved the idea of going along to sewing meetups but always been so nervous. I worried that going solo, I would just be wondering around on the sidelines. So when I met Laura from Material Girl Laura and she told me about the upcoming sewing meet up in Nottingham, I thought now is the opportunity to just go for it.

Sewnotts is organised by Chantelle from @i_seam_sew_happy_xx and the details are given through an instagram page @sewnotts. Laura suggested that we go along together which made me feel so much better. At least then I have 1 person to chat to 🙂

As the day approached I couldn’t decide what to wear. I was constantly checking the weather reports and what bad luck, that after all the lovely sunshine, it was forecast to rain. I decided to wear my Tilly and the Bittons ‘Freya’ dress as its great as a thicker layer. We met the sewnotts ladies at a local sewing shop in Notthingam City Centre – Coles Sewing Centre which I had never visited before. Taking a deep breath I pushed open the door and went inside.

The group were instantly inviting, with everyone greeting me with a smile and a warm hello. I have to admit it is a very surreal feeling meeting people that you have followed on instagram. You feel that you already know them, instantly recognising faces, but I I introduced myself and asked each lovely lady their names! (I can’t call everyone but just their instagram handle!!). It was lovely to ask about the stories behind people’s handles too.


The one thing that I really loved was the question of ‘what are you wearing?’. In my everyday life I don’t have many people surrounding me who make their own clothes, so often the conversation is kind of one sided. But straight away I was swept up with admiring everyone’s makes and actually being able to discuss experiences with patterns.  I had to apologise a few times that I hope I didn’t appear to be rude, because I was just looking at people’s outfits when chatting away. I saw my first Blackwood Cardigan in the flesh made by @_claires_creations_ in a lovely red roma ponte and the most amazing sparkly Freya top by @sewlove2sew. I was bowled over by @jeanettesewncycle coat, it is breathtaking. The dressmaking fabric selection in Coles was great and there was a mustard yellow dandelion jersey that caught everyone’s eyes!! I think 6 of us came away with it! I’m looking forward to seeing our matching makes. The lovely ladies in Coles put on coffee and cake for us, thank you x

After Coles, we went onto to Sneinton Market which was actually on its closing day! They had a great range of fabrics at super bargain prices but I restrained this time to the temptation to add to my stash. It was lunch time by the time we left here and a few ladies had to leave so we said our goodbyes until the next meet up. A few of us went into town for a spot of lunch and there was never a quiet moment. We chatted about our sewing stories, our favourite makes, our inspirations and of cause the GBSB. I have to say that all my fears of going along to a meet-up were quashed the moment I meet these lovely ladies. If you have ever wanted to go along to a meet up but felt too anxious, just go! You will leave, having made a bunch of new sewing friends that don’t think you’re crazy with all your sewing talk.


Hello to all the sewnotts ladies: @sop.pen  @veraanddoris  @notes_from_the_sewing_room  @dawnyssewingroom  @sewlittlesparrow  @sewlove2sew  @chrisyshouse   @stanners1984  @sewdebs  @_claires_creations_   @material_girl_laura   @jeanettesewncycle

9 thoughts on “Sewnotts Meet Up April 18

  1. It was a great day and lovely to meet everyone! I never thought I would dare to go to something on my own not knowing anyone but so pleased I did 😃. Looking forward to the next meet up

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