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SOI Heather Dress

As soon as I saw the Sew Over It Heather dress pattern I fell in love. Who doesn’t love a comfy jersey dress with deep pockets? I have made a Molly Dress previously but the added details of the pockets on the Heather dress just set this pattern apart for me from just a standard jersey dress. This is my second make from my #2018makenine and I have been itching to make it for a while.

The Fabric: I bought this fabric online from The Textile Centre for £3.99/m The fabric is black with small brown woven spots across it. It has a wonderful weight to it and is easy to cut and sew with.

The Pattern: The pattern is a PDF download that I bought with my voucher that I won through #SOISHOWOFF hashtag in July with my Sequin Betty dress. I got the A0 copy printed by NetPrinter for just 75p!! The service by Netprinter was fantastic and I know they have researched the sewing pattern market and now offer a specialist sewing pattern printing service. I cut out the size 10 pattern and this time I used the 1.5cm seam allowance so I didn’t have to make changes to the pattern pieces. The instructions are written well and relatively easy to follow. However I did become confused at one point and I’ll talk about that next…..

The Sew Up: I completed the sew in 3 stages as I wanted to take my time with it. I have never sewn princess seams before and when I first put the side pieces onto the main piece I couldn’t understand how the curves fit together. Notches are very important!! I will say that again, pay carefully attention to all the notches and ensure they are transferred correctly to the fabric. Without them I really wouldn’t have a clue where each piece goes. There is also a very important circle which marks the join with pocket. I use tailor tasks when transferring points but I may move to the use of chalk because whilst I was sewing one of the tacks came out and I had it replace the pattern to find it again. Step 8 got me scratching my head. It’s where the side panels attach after the fitting of the pockets. The photo is a close up of the pocket and I couldn’t understand how it lay. I had to lay all the pieces out and refer to the finished picture to get the light bulb moment that I needed to move on. The neckband isn’t graded which allows you to adjust it according to the stretch in your fabric. It took me 3 attempts to get it to sit completely flat and I have realised that I needed to make it a fair bit shorter than I originally thought and really stretch it as I attached it.

The Finished Dress: I absolutely love this dress. The pocket give a great element to it and they are deep too!!! The fit around my hips is comfortable and also the length is good, a little above my knee but not too short to wear to work!! The lilac version that is shown on the pattern release is beautiful and I might make a plain ponte roma in the future. I’m making a conscious effort to sew more plain garments after falling in love with the costumes on LaLa Land.

That’s my second make completed that I have set myself for 2018. Onto my next, I’m eagerly awaiting my prints from NetPrinter for my Ogden Cami.

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