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If You Can Make It, Don’t Buy It!

I’ve just come across this wonderful motto and I think I will have to take this on board for 2018.

When I first began to sew I felt quite self conscious wearing my makes in public. I think back to some early makes – a craft cotton pencil skirt in grey with pink stars. It was completely the wrong fabric and the fit was terrible. On the two occasions I wore it I thought everyone would instantly now it was hand made. And I made excuses to everyone! It didn’t last long ….. enough said. Onwards and upwards.

My sewing has now turned a corner and my confidence in my style has grown. Even the pupils in my classes can’t tell homemade from RTW clothes and I have to prove that I made it (teenagers are truly critical, they say exactly what they think!). That tells me that my makes are now completely integrated into my wardrobe. When I go shopping now, my first thought when I see something is can I make that? I did my yearly trip to the NEXT sale on Boxing Day at 6am with my sister-in-law and for myself I only came away with a new handbag and a pair of slippers! Everything I looked at I mentally went through my pattern stash and got excited about sewing.

I do enjoy setting goals and when I’ve said something I try to stick to it. I hate the guilt when I haven’t lived up to what I’ve said. So in 2018 I want to make as much of my wardrobe as I can. If I can make it, I won’t buy it. With this, my exceptions will be knitwear (jumpers and cardigans), underwear and shoes. I dream of being able to knit a cardigan but I don’t like the slow process of knitting. I once knitted the back and one side of a cardigan for my youngest, but the time I had got to this part she had outgrown the pattern! With sewing, I cut out on one evening and then it takes me a maximum of 3 sittings to finish a garment.

Here goes my attempt to a fully handmade wardrobe. And I’m looking forward to taking part in #memademay especially this year.

11 thoughts on “If You Can Make It, Don’t Buy It!

  1. Yes to all of this! I’ve made a similar resolution to buy no fast fashion at all in 2018. The January sales have not been as hard as I expected – I thought I would be dying to buy all the pretty things but I haven’t!

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  2. I feel just like this too! One year of dressmaking for myself and instead of spending heaps of time online fashion shopping, I now spend so much time drooling over patterns and fabric! I’m not an amazing sewer, but I’m improving, and I finally feel really proud wearing my hand made items rather than the super self conscious state I was always in when I wore my early hand made items. Lately, whenever I’ve been going in to fashion stores (to get ideas) I find myself being super critical about the cheap and nasty fabrics. I have become a fabric snob…..I think oooo I like that, I could make that (well try to make it) but in way better quality fabric!

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      1. And touching / stroking / stretching all the fabric you can get your hands on….. Even though you are strictly there to buy some more thread or a new packet of needles? Hehe, or is that just me?!

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